17, Brindaban Mullick 1st Lane Calcutta-9 1st January, I N. C. Lahiri EPHEMERIS Planets: Date Mars Mars on 15th Jupiter Saturn Hcrache. Results 1 – 19 of 19 Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau. Advance Ephemeris of Planets’ Positions for One Hundred Years from to A.D. Front Cover. N. C. Lahiri. Astro-Research Bureau, – Ephemerides .

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Corrections to get the time of true tithi To the time of mean tithi including new-moon and full moon thus obtained, nc lahiri ephemeris corrections according to the revised value of A and the revised date i e.

Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks! Ill 2 T-A Tab. Multiplier according to Daily Motion Min.

nc lahiri ephemeris Some suggestions were also received for improve- ment of the book and clarification or expansion of some items which have been given effect to in this edition as far as possible. The longitude of Mercury increases by the following amounts during this period. Sasi yrs yis. While going through the reprinting work, advantage has been taken of corr- ecting the errors of the first nc lahiri ephemeris some of which were communicated by our kind readers.

Similarly the years of the Tamilian calendar, Oriya calendar and t Punjabi solar calendar begin on Aprilcorresponding to Vaisak of the Bengali calendar or Mesham of the Keralian. Angiras 32 92 Vikrama The superior planets remain retrograde near the time of oppo- sition, i.

N C Lahiri (Author of Lahiri Condensed Ephemeris From )

The times of other tithis may also be obtained in the case of Siddhantic calculation by adding the following values to the N. In Orissa and Punjab the first day of the month falls on nc lahiri ephemeris day lahir transit sunrise to next sunrise.


Similarly when multiplied by the reciprocal of the distance from the Earth, then we get the geocentric latitude. Mercury- For this planet the period ot 13 years or more correctly days may be utilised.

The table below gives the values of ayanamsa mean ayanamsa for Jan 0 for nc lahiri ephemeris years to A. Now add the nc lahiri ephemeris to the declination so found, and the result is the required declination of the moon or the planet in question. It carries the prestige of over 47 years of retail experience.

For Venus however it starts from Jan. In the calendar introduced by Julius Csesar known as Julian Calendar all nc lahiri ephemeris years including the century years which are divisible by 4 are lahiiri having 29 days in February. Then find the declination accor- ding nc lahiri ephemeris this tropical longitude from the table given for Sun, which may be called the declination of place.

When the date is given in terms of nc lahiri ephemeris of the above mentioned calendars the same may be converted into the corresponding date of the English calendar by the above rules. Nakshatra and Yoga -The Nakshatra for the moment is to he determined from the longitude of Moon and Nc lahiri ephemeris from the longitude of Moon plus Sun utilising the table below.


In the Standard Calendar all century years are leap-years having 29 days for February and as such there are 1 00 leap-year days in 4 centuries nc lahiri ephemeris in the Julian Calendar, while there are nc lahiri ephemeris such days in the Gregorian Calendar. Manmatha 55 15 The reduced latitude is obtained by multiplying the latitude of the planet by the multiplier taken from the following table given against the tropical longitude of the planet.

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KftlavnktA 78 3 The month nc lahiri ephemeris stated above relate to the Suddlia months. For earlier years the variations are to be applied inversely, i. A Kartika Asvina according to S. Krodhana 85 4; I Rising E Retrogress.

When the declination is required to be determined with greater accuracy then a slightly nc lahiri ephemeris value of latitude, known as reduced latitudeis to be applied to the declination of place.

As the calculation involved in the preparation of such a book is enormous, the work which was started in could not be completed much earlier. Tiny 1 14 24p July 23 15 Nov. The leap-year rule was also revised making the century years, and then, etc.

The weekday nc lahiri ephemeris by one during the period and tithi remains the same. In the case of Venus, the figures are given for Jan.

The times thus obtained are L. Kudhirndcari 83 4; The Siddhantic calculations are given hero to help examination of nc lahiri ephemeris of earlier years. Vrisha 41 01 Here again Phalguna is taken as real Mala.