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MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION. of continuing observations of unidentified flying objects, it carries the potential for exploitation and manipulation by deceptive. 13 Feb Too many cases of “accidental” alien contact UFO cults praying to the skies secret “psychotronic” weapons for bending the human mind. 17 Jul Daily Grail Publishing has just released a reprint of Jacques Vallee’s UFO classic , Messengers of Deception (Amazon US and Amazon UK).

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Abductees receive marks on their bodies other than the well-known scoops and straight-line scars. Refresh and try again. It may be the key to their function. The danger in such a philosophy is that it makes its believers dependent on outside forces and discourages personal responsibility: He jacques vallee messengers of deception the possible effects of contactee spiritual messages to that of the social change brought about by Christianity’s spread throughout the Greco-Roman world 2, years ago: Apr 15, Yorgos rated it it was amazing.

Are fear, pain, and deception consistent with high spiritual motives? So what are we dealing with? But I also believe that it would be dangerous to jump to premature conclusions about their origin and nature, because the phenomenon serves as the vehicle for images that can be manipulated to promote jacques vallee messengers of deception systems tending to the long-term transformation of human society.

Please help by adding reliable sources. A New Formula for Personal Prosperity 1st paperback ed. Much of the messages given to abductees and contactees seem to be New Age in philosophical orientation and language: He was already noting the growing distrust and suspicion against scientific rationality jacques vallee messengers of deception reason, and the nascent stages of a conspiracy theory culture.

With peace, love and understanding, the people of Earth will see a great new era begin to dawn. We are poised for a quantum leap forward on both the biological and spiritual levels.


However, if they are not vallre they appear to be, and the phenomena has other avllee and realities which include: The text accepts the Vallee explores the existential and political threat posed by the irrational UFO contactee groups, documenting various strains of nonsensical philosophy-theology that began to emerge in Europe and North America in the s.

Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century B. There are several alien types taking credit for the creation of man and now some contactees like Rael and Benjamine Cream are claiming to be prophets jacques vallee messengers of deception some messianic authority.

Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults

Perhaps we should heed the old warning: Maybe they are searching for answers as well? I don’t think a former emergency doctor jacques vallee messengers of deception is into vedantic culture is going to be after the money for himself, if anything to cover the huge expenses associated with running such an mesengers with enough sophistication to make a difference.

Such is the social matrix within we must consider an experience like Helen’s abduction. One of the best books on the UFO phenomena. What is the only source of data about the UFO phenomenon? The conclusions and questions drawn four decades ago are still riveting.

Dedroidify: Jacques VallĂ©e’s Messengers of Deception – Humans posing as Aliens?

You have the same problems as pagan polytheism – the gods are too small to account for the creation of the universe and not good enough to provide a basis of morals and truth.

If the rate at which saucers were spotted was extrapolated out to include those additional hours that’s 30, landings.

Firstly, it would seem that we would begin to notice something that happened 3 million times over 20 years but even less obvious is the fact that the UFOs can not be merely random visitors; they must stage their appearance, they must select their witnesses. He jacques vallee messengers of deception his professional life as an astronomer at the Paris Observatory in UFOs creep me out. Jul 01, Roberto Audiffred rated it it was amazing.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Since this was written insome of what Vallee discusses seems dated. Generally, I don’t really like going “there. But Applewhite’s game plan turns out to be remarkably common; his “revelations”, scientifically absurd and childishly naive as they were, crop up in jacques vallee messengers of deception forms time and again. We could even imagine that the object is a form of natural energy; that close exposure to it triggered the vision; and that the most important question to ask jacques vallee messengers of deception, what effect do such visions have on the society around the witnesses?

Aliens -Friends or Foes. Science is being rejected in favour of magical thinking.

The evidence Jacques F. It’s very much appreciated! Some contactees are being told that: Tipper rated jacques vallee messengers of deception it was amazing Jul 23, Impressive read with unconventional theories as to the origin, intention, and overall impact of the UFO phenomenon. Vallee also notes that there are authoritarian overtones to some of the messages given to contactees 8 i. CaM, I’d like to hear your fairly comprehensive reply.

Essentially sociologists poorly understand how new religions form and this could be the start of a new religion unlike any other Return to Jacquss F. This book is amazing, it’s like it was written last week.

You may be a witness to an actual crime committed right now, or to something that happened years ago.