15 Aug They’re living a dream, till Aveek, her gorgeeus ex-boyfriend, comes back into her life. Hold My Hand is a delightful young romance with a. A short film adapted from “Hold My Hand”. How many have you read the book? ?v=EwKPev5rTP4. : Hold My Hand (Penguin Metro Reads) (): Durjoy Datta: Books.

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Part One explains how much Deep is fond of books and cannot imagine his life without them. Aug 01, Avantika Mohan rated it it was amazing. One time read book. Sadhika’s character is also portrayed beautifully.

Even though some debate that how he has grown from durjoy datta hold my hand first book. It’s not his style. He started missing her and blames himself that he couldn’t even able to tell her that he is going back. It could have been much better.

Aug 06, Meghant Data rated it liked it. The Times of India. Books by Durjoy Datta. Durjoy must take his time to work on a plot properly. Well, every book he read was a home for him.

All Bombay Times print stories are available on. Jul 16, Ramesh Manickavel rated it liked it.

20 romance novels you must read

Durjoy datta hold my hand see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He is nerd boy as he calls himself who cannot woo girls with the style. There he sees – the most beautiful girl he has ever laid his eyes on, But there is a twist to this love story – Ahana is not just stunningly beautiful, she also has a rare congenital disease leaving her blind.

What is the right age to have a baby?

Expressions: One too many: Review: Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

Will all women visit Sabarimala? Ahana’s blindness is a hindrance for her, Deep’s insecurities about himself is a nold for him, a cool dad durjoy datta hold my hand Ahana’s father as match maker is there till the end for his daughter. First two parts in the story are nothing extraordinary but the backbone of the entire book lies in its last two parts. Sep 23, Kc Dem rated it really liked it. But not disappointed too.

Maturity is showing very clearly in his writing. But, before she could conclude all her dilemmas, the story takes an unexpected turn. Of course the guy was shocked to see her and shocked to durjoy datta hold my hand that she can see now.

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. This review is also available on my blog Njkinny’s World of Books The story is in four parts talking about Deep and his friends and his life in the first. Whenever I am up with a century post, there’s a new book of Mr.


Can your relationship last with little or no sex? The book is a small one, there are lot of blank pages and details of other books in the end. We’ve detected your location as ‘Delhi NCR’. Nevertheless durjoy datta hold my hand experience teaches something and may we get to read better stuff from him.

Someone like You was so much better than this. The speed durjoy datta hold my hand which he hanv up with a new book is quite exciting as we, his loyal readers, do not have to wait for a long time to read what our favorite writer writes.

Nevertheless a nice book, could have been much better, as it was hqnd an author of most bestsellers. All the best, and I love you DJ! Coming to the climax, Durjoy tried to make it surprising but it ended up being flat.