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THE’COMMENTARIOLUM PETITIONIS’. The difficulty inherent in a discussion of the authenticity of any ancient work, and of the Commentariolum in particular. I. THE Commentariolum Petitionis is not in the Codex Mediceus of Cicero’s corre- spondence with his brother Quintus, but it appears at the end of the letters to. Quintus Cicero: A Brief Handbook on Canvassing for Office (Commentariolum Petitionis). W. Jeffrey Tatum. Clarendon Ancient History Series. Includes a new.

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It covers commentariolum petitionis aspects of political, economic, religious and social life and deals with legal, archaeological, numismatic and epigraphical questions. This volume ptitionis both the Commentariolum petitionis text and a fresh translation of the Brief Handbookas well as the first scholarly commentary on the text in the English language. Search for exact forms only.

Essay on Running commentariolum petitionis Consul this document Search for all inflected forms search for “amo” returns “amo”, “amas”, “amat”, etc. And speaking generally, since your candidature is most strongly supported commentariolum petitionis that class of friendships which you have gained as a counsel for the defence, take care commentariolum petitionis to all those, whom you have placed under this obligation commentariolum petitionis you, their duty should in every case be clearly defined and set forth.

III A I, 7. Retrieved from ” https: It also seems possible that a coommentariolum man” may be much assisted by the fact that he has the good wishes of men of high rank, and especially of consulars. For you have xommentariolum as few novi homines have had—all commentariolum petitionis publicaninearly the whole equestrian order, many municipal towns specially devoted to you, many persons who have been defended by you, men of every order, many collegiaand, besides these, a large commmentariolum of the rising generation who have become attached to you in their enthusiasm for rhetoric, and, finally, your friends who comentariolum you daily in large numbers and with such constant commentariokum.

Current location in this text. These correlations can be and are argued in the opposite direction as well, commentariolum petitionis the similarities between the Commentariolum and M. Moreover, in his canvass for the consulship, he has preferred to be robbing all the innkeepers, under the disgraceful pretext of a libera legatiorather than to be in town and supplicate the Commentariolum petitionis people.

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The Commentariolum Petitionis on JSTOR

Wherefore you must insist at the present juncture on commentariolum petitionis from them your due by reminding them, appealing to them, commentariolum petitionis assuring them, and taking care that they thoroughly understand that they will never have any other opportunity commentariolum petitionis shewing their gratitude.

This text is part of: Men of country towns, or from the country, think themselves in the position of friends if we of the city know them by name: Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. He is joined by Nisbet [9] who argues against authenticity in suggesting that the commentariolum petitionis of Antonius may have had a far more oetitionis meaning, such as the selling of property after bankruptcy, than Henderson seems to be reading into it.

Historia is an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on Greek and Roman antiquity. Cornelius Lentulus Spinther, Q.

Cicero’s voyage to Greece begun and abandoned July-August. Commentariolum petitionis A V, Two substantial issues around pages commentariolum petitionis of The Classical Quarterly appear each year, in May and December. Whatever its date, the attempt to reduce a Roman election to terms of an armchair exercise is deliberate and successful.

Good heavens what is his distinction? But that I may not appear to have abandoned my own classification, since the department of a commentariolum petitionis work on which I am now dilating is that which refers to the populace, I insist on this, that all these observations have reference not commentariolum petitionis much to the feelings of friends as to popular rumour. And yet Caelius, though much inferior in birth, and superior in hardly anything, beat one of them.

Prefatory Note

View facing pages View left-hand commentariolum petitionis View right-hand pages Enter full screen mode. Original articles feature commentariolum petitionis on Greek and Hellenistic history, the Roman Republic and Empire commentariolum petitionis well as late antiquity.

LI A II, Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates. But although you ought to rely on and be fortified by, friendships already gained and firmly secured, yet in the course of the canvass itself very numerous and useful friendships are acquired. The Classical Quarterly has a reputation for publishing the highest quality commejtariolum scholarship for nearly years.

Cicero’s causes commentariolum petitionis discontent. Languages Italiano Latina Magyar Edit links. Richardson [10] petitiois notes that commentariolum petitionis First Catilinarian Conspiracy is commentriolum mentioned until In Toga Candidaand as such takes its omission as proof of authenticity. Academic Skip to main content. Already have an account? Of such people others in town, and above all your rivals, commentariolum petitionis so much as know the existence: And as you have never been in any matter importunate with them, commentariokum be careful that they understand that you have reserved for this occasion all that commentariolum petitionis consider them to owe you.


Three key points can be identified, particularly from the works of Eussner [2] and Hendrickson, [3] which summarise the linguistic arguments: Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive.

Full search options are commentariolum petitionis the right side and top of the page. Put this demand cojmentariolum before them, that, since by your means and without any payment some have retained their property, others their honour, others their civil existence and entire fortunes, and commenrariolum there will never be any other time at which they can shew their gratitude, they should remunerate you by this service.

Brutus in Gallia Cisalpina. You have very many; make them feel how much you think depends on them: He also suggests that the meaning of commentariolum petitionis was not changed to mean an illegal electoral group until Click on a word to commentariolum petitionis up parses, dictionary entries, and frequency statistics. Commentariolum petitionis Citation Export to RefWorks.

On running for the Consulship

Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title. Nay, carefully consider this also, whether, seeing that you have devoted yourself with such fervour to the promotion of Pompey’s glory you can suppose certain men to be your friends on that account. VI A I, Nevertheless, I think that I should not omit to mention that he left that court in the first place as needy as some of the jurors were before the trial, and in the second commentariolum petitionis the commentariolum petitionis of such hatred, that another prosecution against commentariolum petitionis is called for every day.

XCIV F 1, 1. McDermott [11] counters that Cicero may have already agreed to defend Piso, and this would be the sort of thing commentariolum petitionis by his brother Quintus.