Burned Alive: A Survivor of an Honor Killing Speaks Out [Souad, Marie-Therese Cuny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Souad was. 26 Apr Souad survived. This is her My name is Souad. My story .. Edited from Burned Alive by Souad (Bantam), published on May 1. To order for. However, the publication of “Burned Alive: A Victim of the Law of Men,” by an author who uses the pen name “Souad,” was internationally hailed as an.

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It is intolerable and I commend this young burned alive souad for speaking out against honor killings!! Faiez lived in the house opposite ours. For example, “A girl must be married before she can raise her eyes and look straight ahead, or go into a shop, or pluck her eyebrows and wear jewelry” Souad 1.

Horrifically burned, and abandoned by her family and community, burmed was only the intervention of a European aid worker that enabled Souad to receive the care and sanctuary she so desperately needed and to start her life again. Souad lives with her husband, and burned alive souad still keep her identity and location secret from her family. It was her ‘boyfriend’ that made me the angriest in this book for persuading her that he intended to ask for her hand in order to get the sex he wanted, knowing that she would be shamed and shunned for not being a virgin for her future husband.

As an afterthought I was thinking burned alive souad a book I read a few years ago about a young girl in the Middle East who was doused in kerosene and set burned alive souad fire to protect her family’s “honor”.

It’s because I am a woman.

Burned Alive – Wikipedia

Alexa Actionable Burned alive souad for the Web. I’ll have to read it and see what I think, but I souzd, with the facts in that article and my own knowledge about the area, I’m skeptical. But the truth needs to be told.

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My sister was beaten by her husband burneed she brought shame on burned alive souad family when she came home to complain. That is some fucked up BS. A hand passed over my face without touching it.

Burned alive

I wanted to scratch myself, to rip off my skin to stop the pain. I am so glad I have read this book. And I burned alive souad understand why they weren’t locked in. We are born into that.

We were forbidden to go near them for fear of becoming pigs like them. For the concept zlive burning alive, see Death by burning. I heard women wailing over me. Laive my parents burned alive souad home, my mother spoke to Assad. Thank you most sincerely.

Views Read Edit View history. Published 3 months ago. Miraculously, Souad survived rescued by the women of her village, who put out the flames and took her to a local hospital.

One night I felt a strange pain, burned alive souad a knife stuck into my stomach.

I also do not believe it has anything to do with religion as much as cultures. May 27, 7: I’ve come to understand how things happen to girls in my land. How to curate as a team? They both allow everyone to choose which religion burned alive souad would like to follow. He took my mother by the arm and made her leave the room.

Souad says the most she is comfortable with is bearing witness by alife her story for this book, rather than traveling to confront her burned alive souad. Perjuangannya dalam mengadaptasi budaya yang sangat berbeda.

Burned Alive by Souad

What do you have in mind? Worldwide, two-thirds of the victims were killed by their families burned alive souad origin” Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings.


Brned am still Muslim, burned alive souad I retain few of the customs of my village. Start reading Burned Alive: It’s amazing to see what some people go through, but gurned also important to realize that this isn’t the situation for every woman on the West Bank or in the Muslim world. On the one hand I fully understand Souad’s fate and the horrors of her experience.

Women that are beaten like this, have no self worth or love so they stay burned alive souad “they deserve it” Our culture doesn’t accept it but where Souad is from, it is still accepted so how can we expect them to have the courage to fight for their rights.

I have never met any other burned women. After leaving for Switzerland and living with a foster family for 4 years, Souad makes the difficult decision to allow her foster parents to adopt Marouan. It’s shameful how women are still treated in some parts of burned alive souad world. A wildly unique poetry burned alive souad about love, pain, mental health, spirituality and empowerment through self reflection, storytelling, and homage. She talks about her life in Jordan and how her brother-in-law set her on fire because she had sex before marriage and was pregnant.

Even though I found the book interesting to read, some details were unnecessary. Whether Souad exists or not, laive story is one that can, and might be happening to any girl in any part of the world at any time.