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Abloy is based out of Finland and their current top of the line lock system is the Abloy Protec/Protec2 system. The Abloy Protec system came out in and. Abloy High Security Euro Profile Cutaway is the best cutaway for explaining how the Protec key system works. It is a custom Han Fey cutaway offering the very. Abloy Protec deadbolt ME PROTEC/Single Cylinder w/Thumbturn/with 3 Keys and ID Card – –

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In general hardened cylinders should be used on any outward facing doors with non-hardened cylinders for internal doors.

Key Look Abloy keys have a variety of color inserts that can be selected to help keep track of your Abloy keys from one another. First you must decide which system you would like to buy, most locks are available in both systems. It will mean you have to pick the protecy for the product twice, but will ensure you get exactly how many keys you want. This bolt features a unique double ball bearing system in the end of the bolt that locks into a reinforced strikebox so that even if the door is attacked or pried the bolt will not be able to come out of the prootect without being protecct.

Keying Keyed different is the standard way of ordering locks, each lock you order will come with its own unique keys that will not work with the other locks.

It is well respected as one of the top of the ;rotect high security locks in the world. Having an exclusive key profile can also be useful if an eventual attack against the Abloy Protec is found. These vulnerabilities are not unique to Abloy but any sort of standard deadbolt.

Abloy Cut Key :: Keys / Key Accessories :: Accessories :: Security Snobs

One key that operates in both directions masterkeying One key that operates in the clockwise direction only shopkeeper function One key that operates in the counter-clockwise direction only shopkeeper function Protetc key that does not fit into the lock at all as it does not fit the front profile plate One key that fits mostly into the lock however cannot fit protdct the way into the protec due to the back profile plate One key that will fit into the lock completely and rotate the disks but not unlock the cylinder The Euro Profile Cutaway best shows off the Abloy Protec system.


This product has the following related skus: With the Ruby Exclusive you will make it harder for an attacker to have access to a fitting key. This product has proect following related skus: While the core of the cylinder remains the same, the outer covering can be changed to meet the requirements of the specific application.

If you are looking to have locks or keys to a previous order please see our keyed to a previous order page.

To order a lock in the Abloy Protec2 you must select a key profile that has the number 2 in its name ie “Protec2 Elite” or “Ruby2 Ablpy. The Abloy key color indicator allows easy identification of different Abloy keys you may own.

Legally the Protec Elite and Ruby Exclusive key profiles have the same level of key control, no ptotect other than the dealer who originally issued the keys or the Factory can cut more keys. It is well respected as one of the top of the line high security locks in the world.

Having an exclusive key profile can also be useful if baloy eventual attack against the Abloy Protec is found. This product has the following related skus: It is completely bump proof and extremely pick resistant no known picking attacks have been successful. Master keying can allow you to allow some keys to open some locks and other keys to open all locks.

A Protec Elite key will not even fit in a Ruby Exclusive lock. Most of our customers install their deadbolts themselves, however if you do want to hire someone we generally recommend a carpenter over a locksmith, they will generally be cheaper and do just as good if not better of a job.

To order the correct number of extra keys you can divide the number of extra keys by however many locks you are ordering and put that under extra keys. Abloy currently has two different protct of locks the Abloy Protec2 and the Abloy Protec. Bolt Type Abloy offers three bolt types for their deadbolts.

The primary features include minor additional drill resistance, harder to copy keys with an interactive element and an extended patent through Ask a question about this product. Each lock comes with 2 or 3 keys by default however frequently that may not be enough.

The Abloy Protec system came out in and features a unique rotating disk based system with a disk blocking anti pick system prtoect is unique to them. It ensures your lock cannot ab,oy easily replaced without your knowledge, for example from advanced drilling or grinding attack.

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ABLOY PROTEC Keying Platform

Abloy Cut Key If you need additional keys for a lock you have already ordered you can purchase them separately using this page. Note that when measuring, cylinders are generally a few mm longer than the stated length. There are various ways to bypass standard deadbolts, especially if the door features a near by window or peephole.

May we suggest the following items. Drill Protection Drill Protection. Protfct can be found on your keycard under the key code. We will contact you to get the information required to authorize a new key you can expedite the process by filling out the Key Authorization Document and emailing or faxing it to Security Snobs after placing your protsct key order.

Frequently people keep the emergency key in a near by drawer or hanging on a string for easy access. Profect Key The Emergency Key option allows us to specially key double deadbolts and lockable thumbturn deadbolts to make them better suited for residential or primary door environments.

Extra Keys Each lock comes with 2 or 3 keys abkoy default however frequently that may not be enough.

It has one of the largest key spaces of any high security system with over 2 billion possible keys. The two different cylinder types do have some other minor differences, only non-hardened cylinders are available in the bright brass finish, however the hardened cylinders support a larger variety of lengths.

Abloy Protec Euro Profile Cutaway Lock

As the emergency key will only work from the inside, if it is lost you do not need to worry about someone being able to open your lock from the outside. Abloy Abloy is one prrotect the most reputable high abloyy lock manufacturers in the world. Having an exclusive key profile can also be useful if an eventual attack against the Abloy Protec is found.

If you have any questions please do contact us and we are happy to discuss further. You can use this option even if you are ordering ’emergency keys’ for one of your deadbolts. It does not require any special modifications to either your door or your door frame.