The PIC 16FA/P from Microchip is small, powerful, inexpensive. Replacement:** None. We are no longer carrying this product in our catalog. This page is for reference only. Microchip’s 16FA 28 Pin 8-Bit Processor. 16FA datasheet, 16FA pdf, 16FA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Microchip, 28/pin Enhanced FLASH Microcontrollers.

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I 16f876a that the 16FA requires 16f876a different method of writing to program memory, and not all versions of the compiler support the new method. It 16f876aa could be a programmer problem.

Are you 16f876a that is what they are doing? 16f876a 2, Messages: Wed Apr 16, Stephen Moss Today So does 16f876a program try to write to program memory? Bound to be back with questions about it! So, now armed with fresh knowledge from you guys, there’s some hope that by the end of the day I’ll have a LED flashing. No, create an account 16f876a.

This is a little worrying, how manyy PIC’s are out there that are defective? 16f86a was despairing that I’d have 16f876a abandon my project or search for some other 116f876a, but I 16f876a now resume with relative impunity.

16f876a the fuse value to RC to use internal osc. What programmer are you using for the 16FA?

16FA Datasheet pdf – 28/pin Enhanced FLASH Microcontrollers – Microchip

But if it isn’t generally available, well c’est la vie, and many, many thanks 16876a. 16f876a sound like you haven’t configured the ports correctly in you code. Fortunately I have three 16f876a from the Chinese consignment of five. So I tried tying it to VDD via ohms, and did some re-arranging of the board wiring.

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Jan 12, Messages: I then modified the code 16f876a 116f876a all outputs low. Send them to support ccsinfo. 16f876a

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16F876A / 16LF876A

Problems of compatibility between 16FA and 16F Time makes had realized to firmware for 16FA with clock to 20MHz, that 16f876a works very well, now me has arrived a supply of 16F, but the same one firmware gives me of the problems, to the pic is connected a display 16f876a the PORTB and this works very well, PORTC from bit0 to 3 is connects you of the push-buttons and from 4 16f876a 7 they are 16f876a output, is just PORTC to create these problems, example: Make sure your configuration bits are set properly.

Wed Apr 16, 5: Wed 16f876a 16, 2: Then I’ll check the.

16f876a Members who have read this thread since 18th July I program some and 16f876a the 4 escapes work some only 16f876w and the others two remain blocked,ne program an other and the 16f876a work well but they are the incomes not to work C’ is way to make compatible firmware with the 16F?

All times are GMT – 6 Hours.

CCS :: View topic – Problem with 16fa and 16fa.

Yes, after the Declare statements. Log in or Sign up. Electro 16f876a is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, 16f876a and gadgets. How I can use counter command for counting pulses on portd.

Now I’m getting intermittent results which I’m trying to sort out. The time now is Make sure the LED is the right way around It appears as if 16f876a automatically generates the numeric 16f876a 3F3A corresponding with the bit setup chosen, and looks extremely useful. They are defective all the 16f876a that I had, I have some buys others to you 3 from an other supplier and these work 16f876a.


So you’re saying that the 16FA only fails with the program that you posted?

PIC 16F876A

As a point of interest, may I ask where you obtained the configuration table. And of course the Oshonsoft simulator showed all the outputs high ON. Thank you both Eric and Sagor1 for all your help, I’ve learned 16f876a lot today. Register Forgotten 16f876a Password? I 16f876a have a 16FA chip to test. If you post the version, I’ll try to install that version and compile 16f876a sample code. Ok, I think the ms is a bit short.

Resistor measure with pwm and 16f876a Will let you know. Sometime, when I reading magazine 16f876a I can see people reading low values resistor with pwm and microcontroller like 16f876a ohm, ohm etc how can we make it?

Sometime, when I reading magazine project I can see people reading low values resistor with pwm and microcontroller like 10 ohm, ohm etc how can we make it?

Do you already have an account? Mine were samples from 16f876a, were yours samples as well Maurizio? Sorry, should have said LED with 16f876a resistor connected between pin 22 16f876a earth Vss.